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Health Products and Equipments

“A well-functioning health system ensures equitable access to essential medical products,
vaccines and technologies of assured quality, safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness, and their
scientifically sound and cost-effective use.”WHO

  • Access and use: IHO promote equitable access, rational use of and adherence to quality products and technologies by providing discounted rates for health products technical support to  members. IHO in partnership with service providers, train its members in the use of purchased health equipment.
  • Quality and Safety:  IHO in partnership with other health organisation and service providers supports its members to maintain Quality health equipment that are safe and efficient.
  • Free Health Products and Equipment: IHO offers  donated health equipment from developed countries to its members in developing countries which helps us to achieve our aims.
  • Procurement: IHO supports its members with  reliable procurement to combat counterfeit and substandard medical products and technologies.