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Health Workforce

“A well-performing health workforce is one which works in ways that are responsive, fair and efficient to achieve the best health outcomes possible, given available resources and circumstances. I.e. There are
sufficient numbers and mix of staff, fairly distributed; they are competent, responsive and productive.”WHO
In any country, a “well-performing” health workforce is one which is available, competent,
responsive and productive. To achieve this, actions are needed to manage dynamic labour markets
that address entry into and exits from the health workforce, and improve the distribution and
performance of existing health workers.

IHO will support its members to have a well performing health workforce through the following ways:

  • Training: IHO will support the design of training programmes to produce the spectrum of
    health workers  to deliver health  services.  IHO will offer skills development and  training courses to its members. In the developed countries such as the UK, USA and Europe, health workers attending mandatory training on a yearly basis necessary to improve their skills.

IHO has  adopted the the NHS Statutoring and Mandatory training Framework and will also deliver this trainings to IHO members in developing countries.

  • Health and safety
  • Manual Handling (Update every 3 years)
  • Basic Life Support (Update every 1 year)
  • Infection Prevention and control (Update every 1 year)
  • Fire Safety (Update every 1 year)
  • Safeguarding children and Safeguarding Adult (Update every 3 years)
  • Equality and Diversity and Human rights (Update every 2 years)

IHO will also provide regular specialist Training courses to its members as necessary. There will be a continuous list of specialist courses updated on a regular basis.

  • Conferences and Seminars: IHO will organize regular conferences and seminars that can be attended by its members. Experienced and highly qulified professionals will be invited to speak at this events.
  • Working with international health professional groups: IHo will work with groups such as the International Council of Nursing, the World Medical Association, the Federation
    of International Pharmacists and the World Federation of Medical Education. IHo will also work with health association and groups in developing countries. IHO will  maintain its function in setting norms and standards for its members .
  • International Health Visitors: IHO members in developing countries will be able to send their workforce to health organisations such as Hospitals, Care homes and health sectors in developed countries such as UK, USA , Europe and Canada to observe and learn their working strategy which will also support them to influence their practice in their country.
  • Employment Services: IHO advertises jobs and vacancies in its member area. IHO also support its individual members to develop their employment skills and capacity