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Health Services Delivery

“Good health services are those which deliver effective, safe, quality personal and non-personal health interventions to those that need them, when and where needed, with minimum waste of resources.”WHO.

For a  good service delivery, there are some well established requirements such as  having trained staff working with the right medicines and equipment, adequate financing and the organisation method of staff retention.

The service delivery  concerned with how inputs and services are organized and managed, to ensure good health services.

IHO will support its members to provide good health service by:

  • Service delivery models: IHO will work with members and partners in developed countries with a good service delivery model. IHO will  synthesize and share experience of the costs, benefits and conditions for success  of strategies to improve service delivery with members in developing countries. IHO will concentrate on lessons learnt from health services delivered in developed countries especially UK, Europe and USA and support the implementation of this strategy in developing countries to improve services.
  • Leadership and management: IHO will support member to improve management of health services.  This will be achieved by sharing knowledge on strategies to improve management, and developing local resource institutions’ capacity to support local  health managers; and developing methods to monitor progress.
  • Patient safety and quality of care: IHO will support its members to focus on patient safety, procedures and systems that improve safety. IHO will focus on treatment protocols and clinical management schedules; supportive  supervision and performance assessment; training and continuing education; professional registration, licensing and inspection.