Welcome to International Health Organisation



IHO operates a membership system. Most of our services are only offered to our registered members.

We have different classes of membership, which includes UK Corporate, Global Corporate, Professional, Student and Ordinary membership.

All members have to pay a yearly membership fee according to the class of membership and enjoy the membership benefits which is listed under each Class of membership.

IHO  sends its members regular information on aspects of Healthcare from what is going on in the sector to developments in practice. Membership entitles access to secure areas of our website containing information, practice guidance and ways to communicate with others working in the sector and subscription to the IHO magazine . be Committed

As a member of IHO you are a member of a network of individuals all working in different areas of Healthcare who can come together to communicate and share information virtually, locally or by specialism via our Special Interest Groups to enhance your knowledge and understanding of good practice. be Informed

IHO membership demonstrates to your employer and to your registering council that you are committed to the pursuit of best practice and ongoing learning. be Connected

IHO  membership can protect your ability to work should the worst ever happen and you have problems with either your employer or your registering body by providing advice and representation to guide you through difficult processes. (IHO does not defend poor practice) be Protected

IHO members influence thinking and practice in Healthcare – share your experiences and learn from others. be Heard

IHO members inform the debate on Healthcare. IHO represents its members interests to government and sectoral bodies directly and through consultation responses. be Represented

IHO (education) is an NGO dedicated to the development of training to enable Healthcare workers to practice well. IHO members are entitled to discounts on all training and publications from IHO (Education). be Trained

IHO members can draw upon the advice and support of their fellow members to inform their work, to share their experiences and to maintain their enthusiasm. be Supported



Global Corporate member

This membership is open to health organisations such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies and health Laboratory.

UK Corporate member

This membership is open to UK health organisations such as Hospitals, Care homes, Pharmaceutical companies and health Laboratory

Professional Member

This class of membership is open to individual health professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist.

Student member

This membership is open to students studying a health related course. This include Student Doctors, Nurses, Lab scientist, pharmacist.