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Care Home/ Agency Membership

Care Home/ Agency  membership: This membership is open to care homes and care agencies

Care Home/ Agency  members enjoy the following benefits:

  • IHO Membership Certificate

  • Support with  maintaining CQC standards and registration.
  • Support with Maintaining Social services or NHS standards and tendering process.
  • Support with reviewing company process, standards and procedures.
  • Opportunity to stay informed of relevant laws

  • Free or Discounted Health and Social care trainings and also access to Funded Care certificate, Funded Level 2,3 or 5 Diploma in Health and social care. (formerly called NVQ).
  • Support with creating and managing Skills for care NMDS database required for funding.
  • A substantial discount for attendance at the Health Forum and seminars worldwide.

  • Access to Discounted Legal Support from our Legal partners.
  • Connection with a vibrant network of active health professional members

  • Access to our regular email updates and our ‘Report’ newsletter and e-bulletin.

  • Highlight your commitment to quality and promote your organisation.

  • Discount for essential products, services and equipments.

  • Support with Company Policies and Procedures.

  • Opportunity to be involved in IHO projects at national and international level.

Student member

This membership is open to students studying a health related course. This include Student Doctors, Nurses, Lab scientist, pharmacist.

Global Corporate member

This membership is open to health organisations such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies and health Laboratory.

Professional Member

This class of membership is open to individual health professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist.

UK Corporate member

This membership is open to UK health organisations such as Hospitals, Care homes, Pharmaceutical companies and health Laboratory